Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Wednesday, June 7, 2023
Doug Noland Posted on June 7, 2023

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Waver With S&P 500 on Edge of Milestone: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Turkish lira drops 7%, signalling move towards free market

[Reuters] World shares muted, lira plunges to record low

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Swings as Traders Weigh Demand Concerns Against Saudi Cut

[AP] Is it a ‘skip’ or a ‘pause’? Federal Reserve won’t likely raise rates next week but maybe next month

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] SEC Seeks to Freeze Binance.US Assets and Protect Customer Funds

[CNBC] Binance U.S. clients have $2.2 billion ‘at significant risk’ after crypto exchange charged, SEC says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Mortgage Applications for Purchases Drop for a Fourth Week

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Wall Street’s Once-Hot Trades of 2023 Are Unraveling in Markets

[Reuters] McCarthy faces sudden challenge from hardliners after US debt ceiling bill

[AP] Canada wildfires are leading to air-quality alerts in US. Here’s how to stay safe

[Reuters] Ukrainians face homelessness, disease as floodwaters crest from destroyed dam

[AP] Persistent inflation, higher interest rates will weigh on global economy, OECD predicts

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] World Economy Set for Weak Inflation-Plagued Recovery, OECD Warns

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Exports Drop More Than Expected, Fueling Growth Risks

[Reuters] China’s exports tumble in May, imports slow

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Traders Are Leveraging Up The Most on Record on Flush Cash

[Reuters] Morning Bid: China disappoints again, fanning speculation on stimulus

[Reuters] China property liquidation risk heightened by delisting threat, says S&P

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Big Four State Banks Said to Cut Dollar Deposit Rates

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Fatal Heat Shows Risks of Another Scorching Asian Summer

[Reuters] China’s wheat growers face ‘disaster’ after heavy rain batters crop

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ECB Officials Urge Higher Rates Even as Inflation Retreats

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Australia’s Economy Cools as Aggressive Rate Hikes Take Toll

[Reuters] China, Russia launch joint air patrol, alarms South Korea

[WSJ] Treasury’s $1 Trillion Debt Deluge Threatens Market Calm

[WSJ] Buy Now, Pay Later Is Boosting Sales. But Signs of Users’ Stress Are Emerging.

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