Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Wednesday, March 27, 2024
Doug Noland Posted on March 27, 2024

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] S&P 500 Gains as Traders Watch Yen Levels: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Yen Drops to Lowest Since 1990

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Confuses Yuan Traders With Surprise Changes to Fixing

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Declines as Industry Report Shows Bumper US Stockpile Build

[Reuters] Japan finance minister issues his strongest warning to date on yen weakness

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Japan Steps Closer to Intervention as Yen Hits Lowest Since 1990

[Reuters] Morning Bid: Dollar flexes again, Japan warns

[CNBC] Mortgage demand stalls, even as interest rates moderate

[Reuters] S&P Global downgrades outlooks on five regional US banks to ‘negative’

[MW] Renting is now cheaper than owning in all of America’s 50 biggest metro areas

[Reuters] China’s President Xi meets US executives, academics in Beijing

[Reuters] China’s Country Garden hires Kroll to carry out liquidation analysis, sources say

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BOJ’s Hawkish Member Eyes

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Big Yen Option Bet Risks Crushing Traders as Intervention Looms

[Reuters] As yuan skids, markets bet more depreciation is in store

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Banks’ Massive Debt Splurge Brings Its Own Set of Dangers

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Goldman Sees Pension Funds Offloading $32 Billion of Stock Soon

[Reuters] Lebanon’s Hezbollah says it launched dozens of rockets after Israeli strikes

[Reuters] Exclusive: Russia struggles to collect oil payments as China, UAE, Turkey raise bank scrutiny

[WSJ] BOE Warns That Investors May Be Too Complacent About Risks

[FT] Japan steps up intervention warnings as yen slides to weakest level since 1990

[FT] Xi Jinping tells US CEOs China’s growth prospects remain ‘bright’

[FT] Will Xi’s manufacturing plan be enough to rescue China’s economy?

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