Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Doug Noland Posted on March 29, 2023


[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Rise as Tech Rally Buoys Mood: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Advances on Kurdish Supply Dispute and US Inventory Data

[Reuters] Investors pull $1.6 billion from Binance after CFTC lawsuit

[CNBC] Mortgage demand gets a boost from bank volatility, but it may be short-lived

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Eases to Six-Week Low of 6.45%

[Reuters] Supply shortages threaten U.S. infrastructure and war efforts

[Reuters] Explainer: What are credit default swaps and why are they causing trouble for Europe’s banks?

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BOJ’s Key Policy Architect Signals Yield Curve Tweak May Come as a Surprise

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Economic Planning Official Sees Risks to Global Growth, Inflation

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Global Creditors Face Long Fight With China Developers for Cash

[CNN] China gave huge loans to some countries. Now it’s spending billions to bail them out

[MSN/Bloomberg] China Warns Taiwan Leader to Avoid McCarthy as She Visits US

[Reuters] Taiwan president defiant after China threatens retaliation for US trip

[Reuters] Ukraine hits Russian-held city deep behind front as talk of counteroffensive grows

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Next Chapter in Europe’s Energy Crisis — Summer Risks for Gas

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Australian Inflation Eases, Bolstering Case for Rate Pause

[Reuters] ECB rates will need to rise but possibly at a slower pace – policymakers

[Reuters] Oil firms halt or reduce output in Iraqi Kurdistan, further outages loom

[Bloomberg] Wall Street Has No Idea How to Price In Banking Upheaval

[WSJ] Banking Worries Fuel Gold Price Rally

[WSJ] How the Bank Mess Can Hit Home Buyers

[WSJ] The Fed Passes the Buck on Bank Failures

[WSJ] Taiwan President’s U.S. Trip Touches a Flashpoint in U.S.-China Ties

[FT] Venture capital faces tougher future

[FT] Credit Suisse sale ‘forever impairs the ability to issue AT1s’, investors warn

[FT] China threatens Taiwan over president’s trip to US

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