Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Wednesday, October 19, 2022
Doug Noland Posted on October 19, 2022

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Slip Amid Inflation Worries; Pound Weakens: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Red-hot inflation knocks sterling, dollar holds at 32-year peak vs yen

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Stays Volatile as Slowdown Risks Rival Signs of Tight Supply

[Reuters] Soaring food prices push UK inflation back to 40-year high

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BOE Focuses on Inflation Fight With Bond Sales in Two Weeks

[CNBC] Mortgage demand drops to a 25-year low, as interest rates climb

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Mortgage Rates in US Extend Climb to 6.94%, Highest Since 2002

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Japan’s Treasury Holdings Slide to Three-Year Low on Bonds Rout

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Three Hidden Words From Fed Insiders Point to Much Higher Rates

[Reuters] Russia says it has launched new strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure

[Reuters] Putin declares martial law in four unilaterally annexed regions of Ukraine

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bond Vigilantes Revive Wagers on a BOJ Hawkish Policy Shift

[Reuters] ECB to go big again on Oct. 27 with 75 bps rate hike

[Reuters] Analysis: Japan rushes to rearm with eye on 2027 – and China’s Taiwan ambitions

[Bloomberg] Beijing Covid Cases at Four-Month High as Top Party Leaders Meet

[Reuters] Dutch central bank urges pension funds to review liquidity

[Reuters] Taiwan and U.S. tensions with China pose ‘serious’ challenges for chip industry – TSMC

[Reuters] Lula’s lead over Bolsonaro narrows in Brazil vote -poll

[NYT] The Fed, Staring Down Two Big Choices, Charts an Aggressive Path

[WSJ] Recession Fears Hit Risky Mortgage Debt Amid Default Concerns

[WSJ] In China’s Property Sector, There Is Nowhere to Hide

[WSJ] Day Traders Go Back to Their Day Jobs as Stock Market Swoons

[FT] Containing China is Biden’s explicit goal

[FT] Will the energy crisis crush European industry?

[FT] Giorgia Meloni faces economic storm as she prepares to take helm in Italy

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