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Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin

The Maple Leaf coin is an investor and collector favorite for its beauty and elegance, along with high production standards of the Royal Canadian Mint.

Are Canadian gold maple leaf coins a good investment?

Learn more about the value and history of this beautiful historic coin.

The Story
The Story of This Four-Nines Fine Coin

Canada’s distinctions are well represented on this coin. The reverse of the coin features the national symbol of the sugar maple leaf, and the obverse (front) features a profile image of Queen Elizabeth II, sovereign of the 15 Commonwealth realms—which include Canada. 

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The History
Age, Yes, But Not Before Beauty

Canada’s Maple Leaf coin is one of the oldest gold bullion coins in production, having been introduced in 1979. It was preceded only by the Krugerrand. Originally issued in .999 gold, its standard was increased to .9999 gold in 1982—one of the purest coins available anywhere. Given the very high standard of production it enjoys through the Royal Canadian Mint, as well as its great beauty and elegance, it continues to be a collector and investor favorite.

The Design
Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral (Queen, leaf, and gold)

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen of the UK and six other Commonwealth realms since 1952, Elizabeth II is respected worldwide and held in especially high regard within her territories. Her profile on the gold Maple Leaf is singular in regard to the fact that she is crownless. This is the first portrait of her to be so during the monarch’s reign.

The Queen’s name is printed above her portrait, and the words, “50 DOLLARS” and the date of issue are printed below the portrait.

Sugar Maple Leaf

Let’s face it. The sugar maple leaf is a great symbol. Beautiful, distinctive, symmetrical, plentiful in the country, and recognizable anywhere as the symbol of Canada, its selection was probably a no-brainer, but also a masterstroke. It is featured here in intricate detail, particularly in coins minted after 2014. 

Also featured are the words, “CANADA,” “FINE GOLD,” and “1 OZ OR PUR.” Two instances of “9999” occur on either side of the maple leaf, and a small micro-engraved maple leaf is placed below and to the right of the primary maple leaf.

Design Updates
Improving on Perfection in Steps

From 1979 to 1989, the coins featured a 39-year-old queen.

From 1990 to 2004, the coins featured a 64-year-old queen.

In 1999, the RCM introduced coins with a hologram.

In 2005, the coins began to feature an Elizabeth II portrait by Susanna Blunt.

In 2005, a 50-dollar, 1 troy ounce coin was produced in .99999 oz pure gold

In 2007, a 200-dollar, 1 troy ounce coin was produced in .99999 oz pure gold

In 2014, the RCM started marking the obverse face of the coins with a special micro-engraved maple leaf (in addition to the main maple leaf) as an added security feature.

In 2015, radial lines were introduced on the front and back of the coin, and the maple leaf was rendered in greater detail.

As An Investment
Purity, Precision, and Profit

This is a bullion coin, readily available and decidedly not rare. However, it is an extraordinary example of the minter’s art. Intricately detailed, with eye-catching designs and beautifully busy lines, the coin is both a treasure to behold and a treasure to hold. It is hard to find a purer gold play than this. It is a remarkably high gold content coin produced by one of the foremost mints in the world—a case of value guaranteed by stellar reputation.

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