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90% US Coinage “Junk Silver”

Junk silver is an easy way to own silver and has maintained demand and value.

90% US Coinage "Junk Silver"

90% US Coinage “Junk Silver”

As An Investment
90% US Coinage “Junk Silver”

Silver offers investors a higher price volatility in general than that of gold, which can present greater short term opportunities, albeit with higher risks. Many investors choose silver because of its relatively lower price per ounce compared to gold and other precious metals. The fundamentals determining silver’s price historically differ from those affecting other financial assets. Some of these fundamentals include:

  • Record Inflation.
  • Soaring demand in electronics and medical technology.
  • A substantial increase in the demand for silver from the US Mint.

Silver bullion is typically the most affordable option for adding silver to your portfolio. Junk silver or pre-1965 U.S. silver dimes, quarters, and half-dollars are referred to as junk silver. Junk Silver offers a tangible asset that is a long term inflation hedge and can provide compounding ounces opportunities between other precious metals. Junk silver coins are no longer being created and as such are finite. Additionally it is easily divisible, accessible, and convenient. Bags of junk silver are a favorite of silver investors and are well recognized in the precious metals investing industry.

Junk silver is an easy way to own silver and has maintained demand and value. Additionally silver’s increasing demand in electronics and industrial machines adds another element of demand that has aided silver’s value over time.

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