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MS60 Netherlands 10 Guilders

Netherlands 10 guilder gold coins were one of the last sovereign gold coins issued for circulation. Collectors and investors alike seek out this rare, beautiful, and valuable asset.

Are MS60 Netherlands 10 guilder coins a good investment?

Learn more about the value and history of this rare and beautiful historic coin.

The Story
Fine Gold Guilder from the Netherlands

Netherlands 10 guilder gold coins (aka Dutch Guilders) are made from 0.900 fine gold, of which they contain 0.1947 troy ounces. The coins were minted between 1818 and 1933, and honor four successive monarchs: Willem (king from 1815 to 1840), Willem II (1840-1849), Willem III (1849-1890), and Wilhelmina (queen from 1890 to 1948).

The Netherlands 10 guilder (properly “gulden”) gold coins are slightly larger in size and gold content than European 20 franc gold coins such as those from France and Switzerland. Further, far fewer 10 guilder coins were minted than any of these 20 franc coins.

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The History
Coins from the Golden Age of European Monetary Stability

The Netherlands 10 guilders gold coin was initially a legal tender monetary unit, and was one of the last sovereign gold coins issued for circulation by a European nation. They were produced from 1875 to 1933 (earlier coins were in different denominations). Most coins produced during this period featured the portrait of the longest-reigning Dutch monarch, Queen Wilhelmina.

Wilhelmina of the Netherlands became Queen at the age of 10 in 1890. Her first decade was served with her mother served as regent. She was only 17 years old when her portrait was immortalized in gold on the first 10 guilders coin of her reign.

The Design
An Esteemed Leader in Front, Backed by the Royal Seal

King or Queen in Artful Portrait

The king’s or queen’s portrait on the obverse (front) is surrounded by words specifying his or her name and an inspirational phrase. Queen Wilhelmina’s coin, for instance, says “KONINGEN WILHELMINA GOD SIJ MET ONS,” or “Queen Wilhelmina, God be with us.” The portraits manifest exceptional detail and skill.

Royal Arms of the Netherlands

The reverse of 10 Guilders gold coin features the Royal Arms of the Netherlands. This seal depicts a sword-wielding lion on a shield topped by a large crown. The seal is surrounded by the words “KONINGRIJK DER NEDERLANDEN,” or “Kingdom of the Netherlands,” and the year of mintage at the bottom. The words on both sides of the coins are in Dutch.

Design Updates
Updates in Portraiture

Several portraits of the Dutch sovereigns were used throughout their reigns, some varying between left and right profile.

As An Investment
European Sophistication at Its Finest

Netherlands 10 guilders gold coins are unique because of their scarcity, quality, beauty, and value. Being larger and rarer than 20 franc coins of the same period, they nonetheless tend to sell for similar prices. 

Though the Dutch Empire had seen its best days long before the reign of these monarchs, the Netherlands remained an important commercial center and the locus of much fine art and culture. These skills are apparent in the coins of the day, of which the 10 guilders coins are a superb example.

Though current-era gold sovereigns have been minted for over two centuries, they are highly valued, tightly held, and not always easy to come by. Be sure to call to determine availability. An advisor at McAlvany Precious Metals will let you know which coins are in stock, along with pricing information.

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