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Golden Rule Radio is a short weekly podcast to help the precious metals investor stay ahead of the curve. Each week we’ll focus on what’s happening in the markets, the news that moves those markets, and what’s on the horizon next week that the precious metals investor should be aware of.

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Golden Rule Radio • Nov 10 2022
Gold Price Jumps Up As USDX Drops

Gold pushed back up into the $1750s this week as USDX dropped sharply Thursday. We will review the price movements of gold, silver, and platinum and outline [...]

MPM Posted on Nov 10, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Nov 03 2022
Fed Raises Rates & Isn’t Stopping Anytime Soon…

Powell raised interest rates again and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon, as the market expectations shifted Wednesday afternoon. We will cover [...]

MPM Posted on Nov 3, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Oct 27 2022
Gold Nearing A Reversal Point?

Is gold nearing a reversal point? Gold has reached its first key level, and the next move from here could indicate long-term trends for the metal in the months [...]

MPM Posted on Oct 27, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Oct 20 2022
Gold’s Long Term Movement And Trends

Gold’s long-term movement amid short-term trends will be the focus of today’s precious metals market update. We will also look closely at silver [...]

MPM Posted on Oct 20, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Oct 13 2022
Market Update: The Bigger Picture At Play

This week we look at the bigger picture at play in the markets. With geopolitical and fundamental issues taking the forefront, will the metals react to current [...]

MPM Posted on Oct 13, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Oct 06 2022
Gold & The Dollar: Are We At An Inflection Point?

After a bouncy week in all markets, we focus on what is ahead for the precious metals sector. Gold saw a large bounce against the US Dollar as all eyes focused [...]

MPM Posted on Oct 6, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Sep 29 2022
Gold, Silver, US Dollar Markets On The Move

This week we discuss the slight drop in the dollar, gold moving slightly upward, the equities continuing their downside movement, and the international [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 29, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Sep 22 2022
Fed Push Rates Again And Expects More As Inflation Overtakes

The Federal Reserve is intensifying its fight against inflation, pushing yet another big hike on Wednesday. Recession concerns in the mainstream media have [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 22, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Sep 15 2022
Gold, The Fed, and Europe’s Crisis… | Golden Rule Radio

All eyes are on the Fed’s next move as difficult economic times for Europe and abroad could be coming. This week we recap gold and silver while diving deep [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 15, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Sep 08 2022
The Biggest Misconception In The Precious Metals Market

This week we discuss the biggest misconception in the precious metals market. We dive into gold and inflation, comparing how the two interact and how they [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 8, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Sep 01 2022
Fed Doubles Down As Markets Anticipates Change Of Pace… | Golden Rule Radio

Jay Powell’s “economic pain plan” sent markets reeling after his Jackson Hole speech. This week we discuss the added pressure on all markets [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 1, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Aug 25 2022
Gold And The Dollar – Planning For The Future | Golden Rule Radio

This week we cover the price movements of gold as it continues to sit within a massive trading range. We discuss the US Dollar Index, inflation, the overall [...]

MPM Posted on Aug 25, 2022
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