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Golden Rule Radio is a short weekly podcast to help the precious metals investor stay ahead of the curve. Each week we’ll focus on what’s happening in the markets, the news that moves those markets, and what’s on the horizon next week that the precious metals investor should be aware of.

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Golden Rule Radio • Jun 01 2023
Gold Moving Higher As Rate Hike Rumors Swirl

Gold sits at $1973 Thursday morning as rumors of Fed policy direction continue to swirl. The debt ceiling non-event has come and gone as silver saw similar [...]

MPM Posted on Jun 1, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • May 25 2023
Government Shutdown Or Political Theater, How Will Gold React?

This week we cover the price movements of gold and silver as the pressure of a potential government shutdown looms. Is this a real possibility, or another [...]

MPM Posted on May 25, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • May 18 2023
Gold & Silver See Next Phase Of The Market

This week we cover the recent price movements of gold and silver as we are entering the next wave of gold’s strong bull market. There are a few [...]

MPM Posted on May 18, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • May 11 2023
Gold Futures Break All Time High – Market Update

This week we discuss the price movements of gold, silver, the US Dollar index, DJIA, and more. The general market has so much uncertainty, with the VIX [...]

MPM Posted on May 11, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • May 04 2023
Gold Rockets Up Near All-Time Highs As Bank Failures Continue

This week we recap the price surge in gold as it pushed up to $2060 Thursday morning amid further fears of bank failures and stock declines. The Fed raised [...]

MPM Posted on May 4, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Apr 27 2023
Summer Recession? Gold, Silver, & Dollar Market Update

The US Dollar is running out of gas as gold has taken a breath at the $2000 level. As more indicators show that a recession is on the way we discuss the timing [...]

MPM Posted on Apr 27, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Apr 20 2023
Gold & Silver Demand Soar As Supply Is Stretched

This week we talk about the skyrocketing demand for physical gold and silver. We are seeing 2009 volume in a 2007-style market, which could very quickly lead [...]

MPM Posted on Apr 20, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Apr 13 2023
All-time Highs In Gold Are In View As Dollar Weakness Continues

This week we review the recent surge in the price of gold to $2040, as gold continues to inch closer to all-time highs. Bank failures, economic instability, [...]

MPM Posted on Apr 13, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Apr 06 2023
Massive Gold Price Surge: Why Gold Is Near All-Time Highs

In this video, we take a deep dive into the recent surge in gold prices, bringing it within $50 of its all-time high. With gold surpassing the $2,000 mark, [...]

MPM Posted on Apr 6, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Mar 30 2023
Why Gold’s First Quarter Performance Shouldn’t be Ignored

Gold’s first-quarter performance in 2023 sets the stage for the rest of the year. Despite fluctuations in the stock market and ongoing concerns about the [...]

MPM Posted on Mar 30, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Mar 23 2023
Gold Price Jumps As Fed Raises Rates

The price of gold jumped up to $1982 Thursday morning after the Fed raised interest rates on March 22. Gold had its breakout move two weeks ago, and it has [...]

MPM Posted on Mar 23, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Mar 16 2023
Recession Inbound? Gold Rises On Bank Failures

Gold pushed up to $1935 today following a massive news week for not only the equities but banking sector. After the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the [...]

MPM Posted on Mar 16, 2023
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