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Golden Rule Radio • Sep 21 2023
Potential Gold Breakout To The Upside, Fed Pauses, & Real Estate Market Update

This week, we discuss the recent rate hike pause, the real estate market, a potential gold breakout (not just the normal seasonal strength), and the US dollar [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 21, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Sep 14 2023
Preserving Wealth in Uncertain Times: The Power of Gold Ownership

The cost of living continues to rise, the equities sector is rolling over or already showing declines, and the real estate market is likely nearing its top, [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 14, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Sep 07 2023
Where Do The Markets Go From Here? Gold & Silver Update

Gold & Silver 2023 Price update as we look at the price movements of gold, silver, and platinum over the last week. We will also review the price movements [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 7, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Aug 31 2023
Weekly Precious Metals Market Update – Gold’s Historical Performance, Silver Trends, and Dollar’s Impact

Today we look back on gold’s historical performance, silver’s current trends, how the dollar stacks up against gold, and the recent performance of [...]

MPM Posted on Aug 31, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Aug 24 2023
Rebound In Metals As Equities Slide

The news events that have been hyped for weeks are here now. The BRICs are going to be discussing a common currency. The Federal Reserve’s annual Jackson [...]

MPM Posted on Aug 24, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Aug 17 2023
Is Gold’s Next Major Move Almost Here?

Where do the markets go from here? With high inflation, bank system instability, and lackluster performance from the equities, are we on the verge of the next [...]

MPM Posted on Aug 17, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Aug 10 2023
Silver’s Trajectory: Channel Patterns, Chinese Imports, and Gold’s Price Dynamics

Silver remains within a rising channel, hovering just below its 200-day moving average. We examine the intriguing dynamics of Chinese imports, which have [...]

MPM Posted on Aug 10, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Aug 03 2023
What The US Credit Downgrade Means For Gold & Silver Investors

Stocks were down, and treasury yields were up after Fitch Ratings downgraded the US credit rating earlier this week. What does this mean for your portfolio, [...]

MPM Posted on Aug 3, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Jul 27 2023
Gold Rises, Dollar Dips, & Yield Falls As Fed Hikes Rates

Gold price gained on Wednesday following the announcement of another rate hike from Chair Jerome Powell. The dollar fell as did bond yields, as the 11th hike [...]

MPM Posted on Jul 27, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Jul 20 2023
Gold Sees Very Strong Bullish Moves As Fundamentals Return

A fire has been lit under gold as the seasonal trend seems to have ended early. Gold has broken above the $1910 ladder rung. We may have seen the low for the [...]

MPM Posted on Jul 20, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Jul 13 2023
Unlocking the Gold and Silver Market | Golden Rule Radio

Welcome to Golden Rule Radio, your go-to podcast for the latest updates and insights on the gold and silver markets. Join us each week as we delve into the [...]

MPM Posted on Jul 13, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Jul 06 2023
Navigating the Summer Market: Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium Update

Join us for our weekly update as we shed light on gold’s summer lull and its impact on the precious metals market. Despite the seasonal trend, gold has [...]

MPM Posted on Jul 6, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Jun 29 2023
Gold To Follow Silver As Next Step?

Join us as we analyze the price movements of gold, silver, platinum, the US Dollar, and more. Our expert team provides insightful commentary on both [...]

MPM Posted on Jun 29, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Jun 22 2023
Gold Market Analysis – Pressure Or Normal Movement?

Gold is sitting at $1918 this morning as silver is approaching its moving average, with the price of silver now at $23.31. Platinum broke its rising floor. The [...]

MPM Posted on Jun 22, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Jun 15 2023
Fed Pauses, Gold Jumps, Dollar Drops, Equities Falter

The Fed chose to pause on rate hikes for this month with the intent of continued rate hikes in the months moving forward. Powell said that rate cuts are a [...]

MPM Posted on Jun 15, 2023
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