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Golden Rule Radio • Mar 16 2023
Recession Inbound? Gold Rises On Bank Failures

Gold pushed up to $1935 today following a massive news week for not only the equities but banking sector. After the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the [...]

MPM Posted on Mar 16, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Mar 09 2023
The Next 6 Months For Gold, Silver, & US Markets

Gold has hit its short-term bottom now at $1805 based on recent trading, with slight RSI divergence on the 4-hour charts signaling a likely short-term [...]

MPM Posted on Mar 9, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Mar 02 2023
Gold Price Holding As Silver Leads The Charge

This week we saw gold breaking above the 382 fib, with $1846 being the next test for the metal. Silver came into the 618 fib this last week, likely signaling [...]

MPM Posted on Mar 2, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Feb 23 2023
Silver Leading the Metals Market

This week we take a look at the 200 day moving average for gold and silver. Recent movements of metals point towards prices beginning to climb in the near [...]

MPM Posted on Feb 23, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Feb 16 2023
The Protection Wave For Gold – Is An Opportunistic Drawdown Here?

This week we look at the gold and silver market. Are we nearing the bottom of an opportunistic drawdown in gold? Silver is following a similar story but with a [...]

MPM Posted on Feb 16, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Feb 09 2023
Gold & Silver Market Update

The Fed raised rates this last week as gold held strong at $1873. Silver hit the 382 fib correction on Tuesday. We will also review gold’s tendency to [...]

MPM Posted on Feb 9, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Feb 02 2023
Gold & Silver Market Update

Today we track the current standings of gold and silver in the new year. We also analyze current markets and when they will likely go back to their expected [...]

MPM Posted on Feb 2, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Jan 26 2023
Why Gold Is Having Its Best Start Since 2012

Gold is having its best start of the year since 2012, as geopolitical tensions push prices higher amid record inflation. Strong underlying fundamentals give [...]

MPM Posted on Jan 26, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Jan 20 2023
Gold Breaks Above $1900 – Market Update

Where will gold go now that it has broken above $1900 as geopolitical tensions continue to rise? Silver continues to build in a rising channel. Platinum is [...]

MPM Posted on Jan 20, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Jan 12 2023
Gold Reaches Significant Level As Dollar Index Drops

Gold has pushed into the key $1890 level, which could be a significant hurdle to overcome as this is the neck of the previous top-end trading range. Silver is [...]

MPM Posted on Jan 12, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Jan 05 2023
What’s Next For The Gold Price In 2023?

This week we look ahead at 2023 and the financial conditions that will impact the gold price in the year ahead. Will financial instability create an [...]

MPM Posted on Jan 5, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Dec 29 2022
Gold & Silver Price 2022, Year-End Review For The Precious Metals

This week we look back at the precious metals for a year-end review. How did the gold price perform in 2022, and what major market events could catalyze [...]

MPM Posted on Dec 29, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Dec 22 2022
Gold At The End Of 2022, Pressure Or Opportunity

This week we review the price movement of gold, the US Dollar Index, Silver, Platinum, and stocks. As investors reach the end of 2022, we explore what could be [...]

MPM Posted on Dec 22, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Dec 15 2022
Hawkish Fed, Treasury Yields, Gold and Silver Market Update…

This week we review the price movement of gold and silver, while also viewing the market reaction to the latest hawkish fed talk and action. The dollar has [...]

The G2 Posted on Dec 15, 2022
Golden Rule Radio • Dec 08 2022
Gold And Silver Investing In 2022 Market Recap

This week we review the prices of gold, silver, and platinum. Gold has seen a 12% rise since Nov 3. Silver is up 30% since September 1 and continues to see [...]

The G2 Posted on Dec 8, 2022
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