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Golden Rule Radio is a short weekly podcast to help the precious metals investor stay ahead of the curve. Each week we’ll focus on what’s happening in the markets, the news that moves those markets, and what’s on the horizon next week that the precious metals investor should be aware of.

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Golden Rule Radio • Apr 12 2024
Gold & Precious Metals Stand Strong

This week we look at the current changes in the precious metals market. Gold sees another big run up, while silver, platinum, and palladium also up two to [...]

MPM Posted on Apr 12, 2024
Golden Rule Radio • Apr 04 2024
Gold & Silver’s Impressive Quarter: Beyond the Record Numbers

In this week’s episode of Golden Rule Radio, we dive into the unprecedented quarterly performance of gold and silver, revealing insights that every investor [...]

MPM Posted on Apr 4, 2024
Golden Rule Radio • Mar 28 2024
Gold Price Near All Time Highs

This week we look at the price of gold, near all time highs currently. We will also look at the price of silver along with the price of platinum and palladium. [...]

MPM Posted on Mar 28, 2024
Golden Rule Radio • Mar 22 2024
Gold’s Reaction To the Fed Announcement

This week we will cover the price movements of gold and silver following the recent announcement from the FOMC meeting. Market sentiment remains influenced by [...]

MPM Posted on Mar 22, 2024
Golden Rule Radio • Mar 14 2024
Gold & Silver Continue Strong Pricing

This week we look at the gold and silver price with both continuing their strength and largely ignoring the recent PPI numbers. Gold has had some small [...]

MPM Posted on Mar 14, 2024
Golden Rule Radio • Mar 08 2024
Gold Price Hits Record High!

The price of gold has pushed up to a record high this week with gold futures hitting $2,172.2 today. Silver prices hit a nine-week high as well. Earlier this [...]

MPM Posted on Mar 8, 2024
Golden Rule Radio • Feb 29 2024
Golden Opportunities: Mastering the Gold to Silver Ratio & Compound Ounces

In this video, we dive into the latest trends in gold and silver prices and share how you can grow your precious metal investments through the gold to silver [...]

MPM Posted on Feb 29, 2024
Golden Rule Radio • Feb 22 2024
Gold & Silver Update: New US Debt Skyrockets

In this week’s episode of our precious metals series, we dive deep into the alarming rise of new debt levels for the average American family and how [...]

MPM Posted on Feb 22, 2024
Golden Rule Radio • Feb 16 2024
Gold, Silver, Platinum, & Palladium 2024 Market Update

This week we cover the price movements of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, the platinum to palladium ratio, stock market and more. We will review the recent [...]

MPM Posted on Feb 16, 2024
Golden Rule Radio • Feb 08 2024
Gold & Precious Metals Protect Against This..

The taxpayer will be the one who pays this year. Gold continues in a consolidating pattern around $2,037. Silver is sitting $22.40 as of today. Platinum is at [...]

MPM Posted on Feb 8, 2024
Golden Rule Radio • Feb 01 2024
Gold Sees Gains As Powell Pauses

This week, we talk about the recent price movements of gold, the equities markets, and silver amid the Fed’s recent decision to leave rates unchanged at [...]

MPM Posted on Feb 1, 2024
Golden Rule Radio • Jan 25 2024
Treasury Markets Stumble As Gold C-Wave Inbound?

This week, we talk about the recent slip in treasury yields amid the broader economic narrative. Is gold positioning itself for a robust C-wave push in the [...]

MPM Posted on Jan 25, 2024
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