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McAlvany Recap • Mar 27 2023
Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be

As in a football game, economics and finance are subject to both enforced laws (such as boundaries and rules) and immutable laws (such as gravity and equal and [...]

MPM Posted on Mar 27, 2023
McAlvany Recap • Mar 20 2023
Digging for Bedrock

The recent spate of bank failures is likely just the beginning. It highlights the truth of what McAlvany analysts have been saying for years: Low interest [...]

MPM Posted on Mar 20, 2023
McAlvany Recap • Mar 13 2023
When the Problem Is Always the Same, the Solution Is Always the Same

If you’re not neurotic, you’re not paying attention—or you know things most other people don’t know. Such knowledge is vital. Every day now, there are [...]

MPM Posted on Mar 13, 2023
McAlvany Recap • Mar 06 2023
Is the US Losing Its Monetary Edge?

The Ukraine war notwithstanding, most wars in the modern era have been waged with dollars and credit rather than jets and tanks—within the First and Second [...]

MPM Posted on Mar 6, 2023
McAlvany Recap • Feb 27 2023
Cause-Effect Also Applies to Economics

Many parents know the pain and frustration inherent in watching a teen or adult child make bad choices. It’s heartbreaking because the parent knows what the [...]

MPM Posted on Feb 27, 2023
McAlvany Recap • Feb 20 2023
Where You Stand Determines What You See

Americans today might be forgiven for wondering whether the train they’re taking is headed for the gala or the gulag. Progressives in particular and [...]

MPM Posted on Feb 20, 2023
McAlvany Recap • Feb 13 2023
The Search for a Foul-Weather Friend

Life in these United States—as in much of the world—is getting more expensive. Options are getting fewer. Laws are proliferating. Obedience to the law is [...]

MPM Posted on Feb 13, 2023
McAlvany Recap • Feb 08 2023
Is Too Little of a Good Thing a Bad Thing?

Both the way in and the way out of our current economic difficulties are complex. A lot of people and factors are involved. Still, the money supply issue in [...]

MPM Posted on Feb 8, 2023
McAlvany Recap • Jan 30 2023
When Economic Jokes Are Not Funny

When Economic Jokes Are Not Funny Inflation certainly distorts reality. In the future, investors might look back on this time as the era when they considered [...]

MPM Posted on Jan 30, 2023
McAlvany Recap • Jan 23 2023
The Year Growth Died

It’s ironic that the question, “How did you go bankrupt?” is posed in Ernest Hemingway’s book titled The Sun Also Rises. In the context of the United [...]

MPM Posted on Jan 23, 2023
Precious Metals • May 01 2019
How To Thrive In Zero or Negative Interest Rate Environments – David McAlvany Interview With Jay Taylor

David McAlvany On “Turning Hard Times Into Good Times” With Jay Taylor The recent interest rate pivot by Powell’s Fed in response to a [...]

MPM Posted on May 1, 2019
Precious Metals • Nov 10 2017
Borrowing To Finance Conflict – $8 Trillion In Interest Alone From Post 9/11 Debt

While the trading world was focused on the latest news involving Deutsche Bank, namely that the troubled German bank had been contemplating a merger with [...]

MPM Posted on Nov 10, 2017
Precious Metals • Sep 08 2016
The Bubble that Ate the World Economy: Tracking the Expansion of Easy Money With Doug Noland

View a Printable PDF Click Here As Solomon was keen to advise, “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise….” For that reason, I take special pleasure in [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 8, 2016
Precious Metals • Aug 08 2016
Can Too Much of a Bad Thing Ever Be a Good Thing?

This month we welcomed the return to the Weekly Commentary of a guest with whom we do not always agree, but from whom we always learn much. Richard Duncan [...]

MPM Posted on Aug 8, 2016
Precious Metals • Jul 15 2016
Industrialists and Indians: How Past Western Policies have Given Rise to the Terrorist Threat

Our guest this week is Richard Maybury, editor since 1991 of The Early Warning Report and author of the award-winning Uncle Eric series of books on economics, [...]

MPM Posted on Jul 15, 2016
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