A Better Way to a Precious Metals IRA

Guide • Sep 08 2022
A Better Way to a Precious Metals IRA
MPM Posted on September 8, 2022
6 Advantages of Adding Precious Metals to an IRA

There are multiple benefits of owning precious metals in your retirement account, including:

  1. Physical Asset. Gold is a tangible asset. (It does not represent a paper promise to pay like a bond).
  2. Flexibility & Self-Directed. You can take advantage of many compounding ounce strategies, hold a variety of metals, and no transactions can occur unless you direct them. You can also take delivery of the metals when it comes time to take a distribution out of the retirement account.
  3. Easy To Sell Or Trade. Should you choose to sell or need extra money, precious metals have high liquidity and can be sold at any time.
  4. Protection From Inflation Or Economic Turmoil. When inflation devalues paper currency, the purchasing power of gold and silver remains steady.
  5. Insurance Against The Unknown. Allocated precious metals are like an insurance policy for your portfolio—increasing peace of mind.
  6. Tax-Deferment Options. There is large profit potential in gold and silver, due to the current economic and monetary climate. Significant gains within an IRA allow you to defer taxes on those gains.
Want more than protection? Compound your ounces!

Investors want potential. They want to put their trust (and their money) in a proven system that will compound their investment AND ensure that the money is there when they need it. We’re happy to report that this system exists. At McAlvany Precious Metals, it’s affectionately known as the “Ratio Trading Strategy,” and it begins by asking one simple question:

How many ounces of silver does it cost to buy an ounce of gold?

Although the prices of precious metals usually move in the same direction (up or down), they move at different speeds. Over time, one of the metals will be trading at a significant discount to the others. By trading one for another, an investor can move out of an overvalued metal and into an undervalued one with ease and safety. In just a few trades, a portfolio can be abundantly enhanced. The strategy is perfect for the conservative, long-term precious metals investor. While most trading “tricks” involves jumping in and out of markets and trying to hit every top and bottom, this strategy is quite different.

At McAlvany Precious Metals, we love educating and guiding our clients through the entire process of precious metals investing — including retirement and building a secure IRA.

Pensions, incomes, and cost of living adjustments to Social Security are falling far behind the actual cost of living. Meanwhile, gold keeps pace, and often outperforms, the cost of living year over year. Having the ability to sell physical gold for additional income will allow you to pay for the goods and services whose prices have risen, but have risen less than gold’s price. Therefore, instead of fixating on a certain number of depreciating dollars in a bank account, or stock and bond portfolio, focus on accumulating ounces of gold to secure your retirement. Physical gold will provide guaranteed income in a way that counters currency depreciation and stock market volatility.

Prudent Investors and Savers Continue to Move Out of Paper Financial Assets and Into Gold for Very Good Reasons
  • PLUNGING VALUE OF THE U.S. DOLLAR – The supply of U.S. Dollars is being massively increased through the Federal Reserve’s ongoing quantitative easing programs.
  • INTRINSIC VALUE – Gold is the only true money. Its value cannot be undermined by politicians or central bankers. Unlike paper money, gold holds its value.
  • PEACE OF MIND – Your physical, segregated holdings are not a paper promise; they are guaranteed income down the road.
  • ECONOMIC INSTABILITY AND UNCERTAINTY – An unstable economy has elements of both inflation and deflation, making more traditional investment strategies obsolete. Therefore, precious metals should be a major part of every portfolio.
  • HUGE SUPPLY / DEMAND DEFICIT – Global investment demand for gold has increased each year, while global supplies continue to decline.
NOW is the time to protect your retirement assets with gold

Consider taking immediate steps to transfer or roll over all, or a portion, of your IRA, 401K, SEP, Simple, or qualified plan into gold now. The time to act is when the tension is building, not when there is chaos in the streets. You don’t buy shutters for a house in the middle of a hurricane. Precious metals have a proven track record of protecting your purchasing power.

McAlvany Precious Metals recommends investors and savers balance and protect their investment portfolio by adding real gold and silver in their IRA. We will provide you with the simple paperwork that takes less than ten minutes to complete. Call your McAlvany advisor today!

Why buy from McAlvany?

McAlvany Precious Metals has operated with an outstanding reputation since 1972. We are one of the largest precious metals brokerage firms in the country, providing a truly unique approach through exceptional quality of products and services. We strive to cultivate lasting relationships, anticipate the future, and respect legacy, all while serving our clients with wisdom and integrity. Your experience will be one of personal service from advisors with decades of experience. Our firm will continue to provide you with an excellent education on geopolitical, monetary, and economic events.

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A Better Way to a Precious Metals IRA
Double your ounces without investing another dollar!
Double your ounces without investing another dollar!