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Weekly Commentary • Jan 11 2023
Zombie Company Apocalypse

Almost One In Four Russell 3000 Companies Cannot Pay Interest On Debt Margin Debt On Stocks Still 5% Higher Than Before The 2008 Crash World Economic Forum [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Jan 11, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Jan 04 2023
Petro-Dollar May Someday Face Petro-Yuan

Central Banks To Target The Middle-Class To Slow Economy Extreme Interest Rate Volatility In China & U.S. in 2022 Visit To See Our New Look [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Jan 4, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Jan 01 2023
Do You Remember The Volcker Pivot?

Volcker Pivot: 17% to 9%… Back Up To 19% Party Till You Die! Markets Premature/Post-Inflation Celebration Give Me My Money – Large Real Estate Funds [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Jan 1, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Dec 28 2022
Your Questions Answered Part 2

Would A Fed Pivot Cause Stagflation? Are Things Worsening In The World, Or Are We Just Getting Old? The 15 Minutes City & Who Wants You There Your [...]

MPM Posted on Dec 28, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Dec 21 2022
The Story Of Russia – Orlando Figes

The Mythos of Russian Identity Tied to Putin’s Power Did Putin’s Attack Solidify Ukrainian Identity? Will The War In Ukraine Ultimately Dethrone [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Dec 21, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Dec 14 2022
Your Questions Answered Part 1

When will the Central Bank Digital Currency be introduced? Where can we place our economic faith right now? Does government debt matter when interest rates are [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Dec 14, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Dec 07 2022
Fed Pays Banks 3.9% To Not Loan Money!

Blackstone has to halt redemptions – Price drops 12% GDP boosted by strategic petroleum reserve sales & weapons to Ukraine Send questions for Q&A [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Dec 7, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Nov 30 2022
Will Sesame Credits Be Xi’s Tiananmen Tank?

Cap Russian Oil at $30.00? Hello Black Market Mark Mobius Predicts Bitcoin Falls To $10k… Q&A Programs Are Coming. Submit Questions [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Nov 30, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Nov 23 2022
FTX, “Effective Altruism” Proves All-False

Crypto “Genius” will be missed by the liberal Davos Elite Rogoff will be proven right, innovation will now be regulated & appropriated Real [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Nov 23, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Nov 16 2022
Carry Trade Heaven now Hari-Kari Hades

Crypto carnage as FTX declares bankruptcy Recession looms while stock market celebrates 7.7% inflation Learning the art of living backwards Carry Trade Heaven [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Nov 16, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Nov 09 2022
Central Banks Purchase Record 400 Tons of Gold

Powell pops the pivot presumption Midterms & CPI numbers this week Will the dollar fall & gold rise? Technicals are hinting yes Central Banks Purchase [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Nov 9, 2022
Weekly Commentary • Nov 02 2022
Xi Whiz – China’s Getting Scary

Country Garden now paying 118% on its debt Equities spike up in dangerous bear market rally When does the shoe drop on the real estate market? Xi Whiz – [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Nov 2, 2022
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