Roll Your IRA into Gold

Precious Metals • Jul 28 2010
Roll Your IRA into Gold
MPM Posted on July 28, 2010

McAlvany Gold IRA

Concerned about the financial bubble? Balance your IRA with GOLD!

Many investors have begun to diversify their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) savings from the volatile paper stock and bond markets into the safety of gold. Gold, which is now one of the most undervalued financial assets in the world, offers excellent upside profit potential along with incomparable liquidity.

  • Pay no taxes!
  • Lock in profits from you paper assets now!
  • Own the world’s most liquid, portable and private asset!

The Current Exploding Financial Bubble

Due to massive monetary expansion by the Federal Reserve in recent months, tens of billions of newly created dollars have flooded into the US stock market, creating the largest financial bubble in history. It is likely that at some point in the coming months, this hyper-inflation in financial assets will roll into wages and prices, creating spiraling inflation and decimating both the stock and bond markets.

In this scenario investors and savers who have diversified their IRA into gold will have found protection from the financial storm.

They will also be positioned to realize handsome profits.

This is a perfect time to roll your current IRA into gold. Prices are low and there is an adequate inventory of gold, silver, and platinum coins available to be transferred to your IRA account!

Only since 1986 have savers been allowed to invest their IRA funds in American Eagle gold coins. International Collectors Associates was one of the first precious metals dealers in the country which assisted investors in rolling their IRA into gold coins.

The Gold Alternative For Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Funds

When the major financial markets collapse do you really want to be holding paper investments in your IRA? Wouldn’t you rather own the oldest investment hedge known to man, an investment hedge which has been relied upon for over five thousand years GOLD?

Unfortunately, millions of Americans have all of their retirement savings locked into an IRA that is completely invested, via mutual funds, in the stock market. Without realizing it, they could be devastated in a stock market crash.

As stocks, bonds, and other paper investments plummet, investors will flee conventional markets in droves looking for alternative investments which offer liquidity and safety. Where will they go with their money? I believe many will reinvest a portion of their IRA savings into the most traditional hedge available, GOLD!

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