Silver Bullion Eagles

Precious Metals • Mar 15 2011
Silver Bullion Eagles
MPM Posted on March 15, 2011

Silver is perhaps the most undervalued asset in the world today, yet the fundamentals for investing in silver are stronger now than at any time since 1971. However, unlike the 1970s, there is no longer an overwhelming above ground supply of silver available today.

1 Oz. American Silver Eagles
Silver Eagles are dated from their early inception in 1986 through currently minted 2000. They are minted at West Point, New York and are .999 fine silver.

Silver Eagles normally sell for modest premiums above their melt value. However in late 1999, early 2000, the coins were hyped as ”collectibles” and ”the last silver dollars of the 20th century” which is true. Many of these coins were even painted red, white and blue to justify prices as high as $39.95 ea. The promotions were and have been successful, consequently causing the premiums on Silver Eagles to climb above their normal level of premium. Although the Silver Eagles are a popular ”bullion” coin, experience tells us that the current high premiums on such coins will not last forever. When the promotion is over…it’s over and the premiums will collapse back to normal levels. In fact, investors who have purchased Silver Eagles should call us to consider selling their coins at a profit or swapping to another form of silver thereby increasing their total number of ounces.

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