Take The Quiz To Learn How Many Ounces You Need To Retire

Precious Metals • Jul 09 2018
Take The Quiz To Learn How Many Ounces You Need To Retire
MPM Posted on July 9, 2018

Not long ago, I told you a real life story shared with me by one of our investors. While sitting at his dining room table, he told me the story of how his father tragically died in 1974, at the age of 56. His father had two partners in his business. The two partners bought out his father’s interest in their company from his mother for a very fair price at the time. Combining principal and interest, she received a monthly payment of $1,200 for 30 years.

In 1974, $1,200 was more than adequate to meet all of his mother’s needs. But over the years, inflation did what inflation does. by 2004, $1,200 was no longer adequate to meet her needs. What happened? Had the two partners underpaid her? No! The government destroyed the purchasing power of the dollar. The dollar did not fulfill its purpose as real money. Instead of acting as a reliable store of value, the dollar’s purchasing power dropped like a stone. A paper fiat dollar is not a constant store of value. It became worth less and less over time.

But what if the partners had agreed to pay her 8 ounces of gold a month instead? (Worth about $1,200.00 at the time.) Over the years, the value of her monthly payment would have fluctuated between $1,200 and $7,000 (with the average being over $3,500/month). The amount that she received each month would have been in keeping with the value of $1,200 in 1974. What happened? Clearly the purchasing power of her monthly payment would have been protected by being denominated in gold. She would have been financially set for life (as well the expectation in 1974).

Get the point? The purchasing power of the US dollar is fading every day. Your money is backed by nothing. If you are on a fixed income you are going to be in trouble. If you own long term-bonds, you are going to be in trouble. Where are you going to get the stable income that you will need for retirement?

Did you know that there is less than one ounce of gold per person on earth? It is important to secure enough while it’s available.. before the paper pyramid  begins to unravel. There simply isn’t enough gold to go around!

The Benefits of Gold-Backed Retirement Plan

1. The purchasing power of your money is maintained.

2. No bank can restrict withdrawals from your account.

3.  No fear of a future bank failure- they don’t have your money. It also eliminates the possibility of a “bail-in”.

4. In case of an economic crisis – you have the ultimate money.

5. No cyber-hacking into your account.

6. As others “catch on” in future years, you already have a position.

7. The world is currently valuing various paper currencies against other paper currencies – you, on the other hand, are valuing the dollar against gold.

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