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Golden Rule Radio • Sep 28 2023
Gold Price Plants Stepping Stone, Housing Market On The Brink

This week we review the price movements of gold, the Dollar, equities, housing, silver, platinum, and more. Housing prices have hit an all-time high as [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 28, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Sep 27 2023
Oil Embargo Was 50 Years Ago, What’s Changed

Biden Admin Has Drained Our Strategic Oil Reserve By 40% Higher For Longer Prompts A Treasury Buyback/Bailout Program Chinese & Japanese Currencies Near [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Sep 27, 2023
McAlvany Recap • Sep 25 2023
Keeping It Real

Truth vs. falsehood, signal vs. noise, gold vs. tailings or dross, wheat vs. chaff or weeds, and the list goes on. Separating the important from the [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 25, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Sep 21 2023
Potential Gold Breakout To The Upside, Fed Pauses, & Real Estate Market Update

This week, we discuss the recent rate hike pause, the real estate market, a potential gold breakout (not just the normal seasonal strength), and the US dollar [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 21, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Sep 20 2023
China, India, & Japan Flee Currency To Gold

Countries Representing 3 Billion People See Gold Hit New All-Time High Oil Up 40%… Naw, That’s Not Inflation Vaulted Program Offers Low Premium [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Sep 20, 2023
McAlvany Recap • Sep 18 2023
When Both/And Beats Either/Or

As women have entered the work force in high numbers over the past 50 or 60 years, they have changed the division of labor families have most commonly employed [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 18, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Sep 14 2023
Preserving Wealth in Uncertain Times: The Power of Gold Ownership

The cost of living continues to rise, the equities sector is rolling over or already showing declines, and the real estate market is likely nearing its top, [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 14, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Sep 13 2023
Gold Hits All-Time High In Yen

Equities To GDP (Buffet Index) Screams Overvalued at 168% RMB + Yen Needed “Rescue” From Disaster Last Week Bubbling Over: Will Everything Bubble [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Sep 13, 2023
McAlvany Recap • Sep 11 2023
Just Wait

Life is teeming with things and actions. Not all of them are good for us. In that vein, the communications summarized below talk often of things with enduring [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 11, 2023
Precious Metals • Sep 08 2023
China Real Estate Crisis Tips Global Markets

China's real estate crisis is sending shockwaves throughout global markets. Here's what China's crisis means for US investors and how precious metals can [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 8, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Sep 07 2023
Where Do The Markets Go From Here? Gold & Silver Update

Gold & Silver 2023 Price update as we look at the price movements of gold, silver, and platinum over the last week. We will also review the price movements [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 7, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Sep 06 2023
China Turns BRICS to CRIBS

China Redraws Map & Claims New/Old Territory Real Assets Will Outperform Financial Assets Student Debt Repayment: 43 Million People Will Pay Average $413 [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Sep 6, 2023
McAlvany Recap • Sep 04 2023
Choices Determine Outcomes

This blog has spoken often of contrast in recent postings. It’s a crucial concept. Walking on the sidewalk is far safer than walking in the road. It’s [...]

MPM Posted on Sep 4, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Aug 31 2023
Weekly Precious Metals Market Update – Gold’s Historical Performance, Silver Trends, and Dollar’s Impact

Today we look back on gold’s historical performance, silver’s current trends, how the dollar stacks up against gold, and the recent performance of [...]

MPM Posted on Aug 31, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Aug 30 2023
Why Agency Matters Most

Gold Carries With It Its Own Agency Central Planners Chase The Illusive “Neutral” Jackson Hole No Surprise: Higher For Longer There are a whole [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Aug 30, 2023
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