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McAlvany Recap • Jul 24 2023
When Fact Meets Fiction, Which Wins?

The Law of Unintended Consequences is often cited in this day and age. America is putting in place new and unprecedented laws, regulations, practices, and [...]

MPM Posted on Jul 24, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Jul 20 2023
Gold Sees Very Strong Bullish Moves As Fundamentals Return

A fire has been lit under gold as the seasonal trend seems to have ended early. Gold has broken above the $1910 ladder rung. We may have seen the low for the [...]

MPM Posted on Jul 20, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Jul 19 2023
World History & The Cost Of Money

Interest Rate Cycles Last Decades, Not Months Reaganomics, Bidonomics, and Trumponomics All Run On Debt Interest Costs Alone On Debt Will Be Close To $1 [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Jul 19, 2023
McAlvany Recap • Jul 17 2023
Truth and Its Children

Telling the truth has a checkered past in terms of how it is received. Some people welcome it. Many do not. Those in the latter group often will do anything to [...]

MPM Posted on Jul 17, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Jul 13 2023
Unlocking the Gold and Silver Market | Golden Rule Radio

Welcome to Golden Rule Radio, your go-to podcast for the latest updates and insights on the gold and silver markets. Join us each week as we delve into the [...]

MPM Posted on Jul 13, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Jul 12 2023
I Just Can’t wait To Be A Bull, But Not Yet

Semiconductor Shares Up 46% Even As Sales Are In Freefall Treasury Yields Flirting With Breakout To The Upside China, Poland, Swiss, Continue To Add More Gold [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Jul 12, 2023
McAlvany Recap • Jul 10 2023
The Important Work of Developing Wise Investors

There’s a saying that’s popular—particularly in the military, where brevity and clarity can save lives and win battles: “When I ask you the time, [...]

MPM Posted on Jul 10, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Jul 06 2023
Navigating the Summer Market: Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium Update

Join us for our weekly update as we shed light on gold’s summer lull and its impact on the precious metals market. Despite the seasonal trend, gold has [...]

MPM Posted on Jul 6, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Jul 05 2023
Bill King: “The Big Money Players Are Moving Into Gold”

Sick Dollar Still Only Real Currency Option Bitcoin Is Where The Illicit Money Is Moving Government Agencies Tracking Where The Money Goes Bill King: “The [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Jul 5, 2023
McAlvany Recap • Jul 03 2023
The Ebb and Flow of Empires

When William Shirer wrote The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, his choice of title began in a way that could be used as a template to describe every major [...]

MPM Posted on Jul 3, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Jun 29 2023
Gold To Follow Silver As Next Step?

Join us as we analyze the price movements of gold, silver, platinum, the US Dollar, and more. Our expert team provides insightful commentary on both [...]

MPM Posted on Jun 29, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Jun 27 2023
Who’s Gonna Bail Out Bundesbank?

Financial Times Writes That Bundesbank Is Down To Its Last 2.5 Billion Russian Coup: Real, Fake, & Who Stands To Gain? Gold At 276,000 Yen, Up From 27,000 [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Jun 27, 2023
McAlvany Recap • Jun 26 2023
Of Ants and Grasshoppers

If you’ve ever hit an ant pile with your lawnmower, you’re familiar with the ensuing reaction. Ants that were invisible a moment before appear by the [...]

MPM Posted on Jun 26, 2023
Golden Rule Radio • Jun 22 2023
Gold Market Analysis – Pressure Or Normal Movement?

Gold is sitting at $1918 this morning as silver is approaching its moving average, with the price of silver now at $23.31. Platinum broke its rising floor. The [...]

MPM Posted on Jun 22, 2023
Weekly Commentary • Jun 21 2023
What Do 2000, 2008, & 2023 Have In Common?

Michael Hartnett “A Combo Of 2000 & 2008 – Big Rally Before Big Collapse” Index Prices Rising As Majority Of Stocks Decline Kissinger, [...]

David McAlvany Posted on Jun 21, 2023
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