Monday, May 13, 2024

Monday, May 13, 2024
Doug Noland Posted on May 13, 2024

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Asian Stocks Rise on Reports of Chinese Bond Sale: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Edges Higher in Tight Range as Traders Weigh China Outlook

[Reuters] Currency markets steady before US inflation test

[Reuters] Israeli forces push into Gaza from north and south

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bond Traders Await US Inflation Data Behind Half of 2024’s Rout

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Goldman Strategists Say Loss-Making US Companies Face Rates Risk

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BOJ Trims Bond Buying in Regular Operation Amid Pressure on Yen

[Reuters] Japan on track to normalise monetary policy, says ruling party heavyweight

[Reuters] How hard will new US tariffs hit China EVs and other exports?

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Credit Engine Goes Into Reverse, Piles Pressure on Beijing

[Reuters] China to kick off 1 trillion yuan stimulus bond issues this week

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Averts Moral Hazard, for Now, After Country Garden Pays

[CNBC] ‘I feel like I’ve been tricked’: Some property buyers in China’s Tianjin have been waiting 8 years for their homes

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Reports on China’s Bad Lending Data Disappear on Social Media

[CNN] Chinese journalist imprisoned for her Covid reporting due to be released after four years. But will she be free?

[Bloomberg] Global Chips Battle Intensifies With $81 Billion Subsidy Surge

[Bloomberg] China’s Credit Contraction Adds Pressure to Bond Sale, RRR Move

[NYT] An Inflation Test Looms Over the Economy and the Election

[NYT] The Solar Storm Fried GPS Systems Used by Some Farmers, Stalling Planting

[NYT] China Is Raising Bullet Train Fares as Debts and Costs Balloon

[WSJ] Investors Crowd Into Soft-Landing Trade Ahead of Crucial Inflation Data

[WSJ] Why Is Inflation So Stubborn? Ask Your Local Small Business

[WSJ] Platinum Market Deficit Forecast Widens on Weak Supply, Sustained Demand

[WSJ] Russia’s Bombardment of Ukraine Is More Lethal Than Ever

[WSJ] More Chinese Cities Move to Buy Up Housing Inventories

[FT] A premature ECB rate cut before the Fed has risks

[FT] China fires starting gun on $140bn debt sale to boost economy


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