Why Silver is a Good Investment

Guide • Oct 17 2022
Why Silver is a Good Investment
MPM Posted on October 17, 2022

Since the 1970s, MPM has recommended clients maintain a portion of their assets in silver. Over the decades the supply/demand shortfall has grown, which is why we believe silver will improve a portfolio’s long-term performance. The fundamentals determining silver’s price historically differ from those affecting other financial assets. Some of these fundamentals include:

  • The continued “inflate or die” Fed policy.
  • The soaring demand for silver in electronics and medical technology.
  • The full depletion of the US silver strategic stockpile.
  • The huge increase in the demand for silver from the US Mint.

As a result of these influences, the silver market has experienced several substantial swings in the gold: silver ratio. Volatility created by outside forces creates valuable opportunities to compound ounces in a client’s portfolio.

What Type of Silver is The Best Investment?

Bullion: Typically this is the most affordable option for adding silver to your portfolio. An economy-of-scale rule applies to bullion. Size generally dictates the price; usually the larger the product, the lower the price. Fluctuations in premiums can create more opportunities for compounding ounces. Investors who add large bars to their position typically choose to store their silver.

  • 1 oz, 10 oz., 100 oz., and 1,000 oz. products
  • Bags of 90% silver dimes, quarters, and halves

Old Silver Currency:

  • Bags of circulated Peace and Morgan silver dollars
  • Certified semi-numismatics for premium-savvy investors
Where Should You Keep Silver?

Physical, deliverable silver is most commonly shipped to our clients. Clients also acquire silver within a number of retirement vehicles; these ounces are typically held in storage.

Why Invest in Silver?

The objective of any investment is to provide both security and growth potential. However, these terms are best defined by the investor’s individual circumstances.

Since the 1970s, MPM has been serving clients in an advisory role to assist them in achieving their objectives. We provide in-depth information on product selection, allocation, and investment strategy to best serve the investor. This strategy may include other monetary or industrial metals such as platinum and palladium.

We provide a truly unique approach as a precious metals firm. We strive to cultivate relationships, anticipate the future, and respect legacy, all while serving our clients with wisdom and integrity.

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Why you should invest in silver.

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