Monday, May 6, 2024

Monday, May 6, 2024
Doug Noland Posted on May 6, 2024

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Rally as Confidence in Fed Wagers Grows: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Yen Wipes Out Friday’s Gain as Market Focus Returns to Yield Gap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gold Advances as Investors Weigh Mixed Signals on US Economy

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Rebounds After Weekly Slump as Saudi Arabia Raises Prices

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Emerging-Market Optimism Hit by Fed as Currencies, Debt Sink

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Coffee Variety Is Priciest Since 1970s in Blow to Instant Brews

[Reuters] Rafah Live: Blasts heard as Israel tells Gazans to leave part of city

[Reuters] Israel strikes Gazan city of Rafah after evacuation order, say residents

[AP] Hamas says latest cease-fire talks have ended. Israel vows military operation in ‘very near future’

[Reuters] Hezbollah says its drone hits northern Israeli town, casualties reported

[Yahoo Finance] Return to the ’70s? Today’s housing market has echoes of dark era

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Zero-Day Options Boom Will Only Grow Even As Some Investors Fear Disaster

[Reuters] China home sales slump 47% over May Day holiday vs 2023

[Reuters] China’s services activity eases in April but still solid, Caixin PMI shows

[Reuters] Euro zone business activity grows at fastest pace in almost a year

[Reuters] ECB rate cut case getting stronger, says chief economist Lane

[Reuters] Putin orders tactical nuclear weapon drills to deter the West

[NYT] Tensions Rise in Silicon Valley Over Sales of Start-Up Stocks

[NYT] How Bad Is A.I. for the Climate?

[WSJ] China’s Xi Shouldn’t Expect an Easy Ride in Europe This Time

[FT] Risk of a renminbi devaluation is real

[FT] The US housing ‘lock-in effect’ –quantified

[FT] Chinese homebuyers favour ‘second-hand’ houses as property crisis bites

[FT] A warning from the breakdown nations

[FT] The $9tn question: how to pay for the green transition

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