Happy New Year!

McAlvany Recap • Dec 30 2023
Happy New Year!
MPM Posted on December 30, 2023

Year-end communications this week tended to well-wishes and wrap-ups. The McAlvany Weekly Commentary provided answers to questions asked by listeners, and the Credit Bubble Bulletin revisited the major economic and market events of the year. The other content creators enjoyed the week off, wishing their highly valued listeners and readers a joyful and meaningful year-end.

Throughout 2023, as for the past 50 years, the McAlvany companies have endeavored to emphasize substance. Gold is more substantive than fiat currencies. Factual analysis is more substantive than jumping on the bandwagon. Offering deeply researched and conscientiously managed investment opportunities is more substantive than running with the investing crowd. Treasuring and investing in client relationships is more substantive than offering only incidental transactions. And so on.

Such substantive efforts are easily caricatured by competitors, ideological opponents, and people who consider substance boring, but many treasured friends have seen through the obfuscation (often by listening to or reading the clear publications summarized below) and joined us along the way. We trust that you are among them. If not, consider this your personal invitation to join us in the new year. And please accept our most fervent wishes for your health and happiness during this holiday time and going forward!

Key Takeaways:

  • Your questions answered
  • A year-end review of the things that mattered
  • Holiday well-wishes from HAI and GRR!

The McAlvany Weekly Commentary: This week’s Commentary offers the 16th annual Q&A program. David and Kevin field questions from listeners to the podcast. Subjects include the characteristics, pros, and cons of a gold standard; MFG’s work on a debit card attached to Vaulted accounts; cryptocurrencies (including one of the most objective, clear-sighted discussions of the topic you’ll hear anywhere); the true nature of Modern Monetary Theory; how to evaluate gold mining companies; the gold:silver ratio as an indicator of bull or bear markets in the precious metals; and much more. Shot through the discussion is an objective recognition of the power of government and human nature, and people’s opportunities and responsibilities to operate in light of those influences.

Credit Bubble Bulletin: Eschewing the sensational but vacuous events focused on by the major media in their year-end summaries, Doug digs a little deeper. Tongue firmly in cheek, he deadpans that “Rather than the humdrum Taylor Swift craze, my review is focused on the riveting ‘Year of Treasury Debt, Money Market Fund Intermediation, Repos and the “Basis Trade”.’ Instead of boring ‘Barbenheimer’, I’m coming with mesmerizing asset inflation and Bubble analysis.” In short, he blows right by the bread and circuses and focuses on macro events impacting the world and the nation at the most fundamental level. No wonder Doug didn’t get an invitation to the Fed’s Christmas party this year. Doubtless he would have noted that that emperor graced its own soiree without benefit of economic clothing. Awkward.

Hard Asset Insights: Morgan wishes his readers a wonderful New Year’s Eve and 2024, providing weekly prices for followers of key indicators. HAI will return in full next week.

Golden Rule Radio: The GRR crew also takes some time off for the holidays, wishing you a very happy New Year!

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